Progressive Jackpot Strategy

If you have to strike at the right progressive jackpot, you should have to invest wisely. One should have a progressive jackpot strategy so that he gets the proper hit for his investments. Some players may invest in low progressive jackpots and will never try the larger jackpots. There are others who only try their luck in larger jackpots and never care for the low jackpots. It has to be noted that this progressive jackpot strategy is not a progressive one. If players were just wagering in low jackpots, then he would be missing the big hit. If he were just waging at the high jackpots, which comes once a year, then he would just finish without a hit all his life.

When talking of progressive jackpot strategy, the main question that comes to any one is the bankroll that one should wager on the regular slots that hit frequently and the amount he should invest in high voltage progressive slots. There is no specific answer to this question. In case a player is at the casino for fun, then he should wager at the slots that are hit frequently. Once he has got a big win, he could perhaps look for wagering at high progressive slots.

Any way, a progressive jackpot strategy is much needed when playing casino games. The online casinos know the need of the player and thus provide both the high and low voltage jackpots. For example, Realtime Gaming gives the players three jackpot slots. Aztecs Millions, Shopping Spree and Jackpot Pinatas are the three slots that are offered in the high voltage millionaire area. The Real Series of video slots have slots for smaller amounts. An extremely large bonus deal can be obtained at the portal!

Another casino developer Cryptologic almost follows the same strategy as that of Realtime Gambling. Millionaires Club is the high voltage jackpot slot. In the Marvel Comics games, it has jackpots that can be randomly triggered. The Marvel jackpot slots come with 3 tiers. The lowest tier pays about 100 dollars and the second Super Hero tier pays almost 1000 dollars. And the last one is the Marvel Hero, which pays about 10,000 dollars. Microgaming also offers such slot games, which are of benefit.

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